ARFF Interactive Board

Ease of Use

As an adjunct to quality airport fire training, the ARFF Interactive Board is easy to use and teach with.

As an instructor you can plan a scenario, import a piece of your airfield or use one of the supplied backgrounds. Choose an aircraft and drop it onto the background. Choose fire, smoke or both. Add some fire apparatus or other airport vehicles. Set up evacuations and you are ready to go.

The scenario can be simple as above, or it can be complex. We have a library of vehicles, aircraft, and other tools to help you create something super interesting.

Using a camera you can photograph aircraft, buildings or other vehicles on your airfield, then inside the software you can add animated smoke and fire to create simulated scenarios that you can present in the training room to generate great conversations on how would we deal with this scenario.

 Import a simplified vector drawing of your airfield, then using the top down view, practice radio transmissions with a simulated control tower to move about your airfield.

Finally just use the software for airport familiarization.