ARFF Interactive Board

Alert 3 specializes in the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter world of possible emergency scenarios. This is software that you can use to pre-plan emergencies at your airport. 

The ARFF Interactive Board is software with an over-head view of the scene with which you plan an Incident/Accident. Touchscreen capability is integrated into the software and is animated with a particle system for smoke and fire. Trucks also spray the agent of your choice and are manipulated by the mouse or by touching and dragging a target to a location of your choice.


Make Training Interesting

 Engage all of the fire fighters on your crew. Give them the oportunity  to come up to the front of the classroom and participate by moving their vehicle into position, then choose the correct agent, and work as a team player. This opens up the moment when all on the team understand what their roll is during an emergency.

When using a touch screen you may use the screen upright  on a wall, or lay it down flat as a table top, then have your audience gather around the table with each participant  close enough to see, then touch and drag their vehicle into position and engage with the proper extinguishing agent.