About Us

Alert 3 image of a photograph with added smoke and fire for classroom discussions.

Alert 3

We provide software that can act as an interactive Board, then you add your airfield, then create an incident to help train your fire fighters. With a touch screen just slide your finger down the taxi-way or runway and the Fire Trucks follow. Animated fire and smoke help to add to the simulation. Choose the appropriate extinguishing agent and work as a team member to mitigate the simulated emergency at your airport.

Alert 3 top down image of an airport Emergency Table Top session.

ARFF Interactive Board

Is software that enables Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighters to plan and participate in classroom strategy sessions for emergency response. The software also provides illustration during an Airport Table Top session. Practice communications in the training room before you go out on the airfield, by moving your vehicle around the screen and simulate talking to the tower.

Alert 3 Business Fire Scenario, using the ARFF Interactive Board

Our Mission

Provide a quality toolset, to help  adjunct your ARFF Training program.